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Koi pictured and prices are set per group. You can mix and match but prices will change

50pcs 5-7" ginrin & metallic kawarigoi mix

50pcs 5-7" ginrin & metallic kawarigoi mix

Pre-spring clearance! HUGE mark down on these selections!  Size range 5-7". 50 pcs per box. Additional discounts with purchase of 150 pcs or more! FREE shipping to most US airports. International shipping available with additional fees.

    $350.00 Regular Price
    $210.00Sale Price


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    General Guidelines to determine grades for fry and fingerlings.

    (Much more detail is involved when grading based on bloodlines, variety, age, size, etc. These guidelines are in very general terms.) 

    ***Tosai grading has different guidelines.

    Grade B - No deformities, solid colors with low luster, fading patterns, strong and healthy overall. 

    Grade A - Full or unbalanced patterns, solid colors with medium luster,  proportionate body conformation, no deformities 

    Grade AA - More pattern breaks (if the variety naturally has pattern) but not necessarily balanced, definition of colors with mid-high luster, proportionate body conformation, no deformities 

    Grade AAA - Distinct balanced pattern, color with high luster (not necessarily with deep pigmentation), full balanced body conformation, no deformities 

    Tategoi - Not normally for sale but if they are they’ll usually have dull unfinished surface colors with bands of pigmentation underneath the scales, may appear a washed out gray (for certain varieties), balanced body with longer backbone proportionate to the head size, balance of motoguro, odome and other fine detailed traits as visible at that size and applicable to the variety.

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